Sandra Day O'Connor stream: https://prepspotlight.tv/AIA/GameStream/9558
The stream might be this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s9Anymi2gY

Stream Note: Stream link above is for Varsity and prepspotlight.tv.  This is a different streaming service than our home games.

Note:  Each family will only be allowed to purchase and redeem two (2) tickets (parents or guardians only NO STUDENTS or SIBLINGS will be permitted).  Please be aware that on the GoFan website, you may be able to add more than two (2) tickets, BUT you will only be allowed to redeem two (2) tickets at the gate to the stadium on gameday.  Please DO NOT purchase more than two (2) tickets per athlete as you may not be able to get refunded for unused tickets.  

More importantly, due to Covid restrictions we have a max number of available tickets, and if you errantly purchase more than two (2) tickets, you would cause other families to miss out on the opportunity to purchase their tickets.