Game Countdown


Varsity: 6pm

Varsity Stream: TBD

Varsity Tickets: TBD


 at Pinnacle

Desert Ridge

JV: no game

JV Stream: N/A

JV Tickets: N/A

Home Game Ticket Note:  Now allowing 4 ADULTS per athlete permitted at games/matches for Pinnacle including 2 parents per visiting athlete.  Please DO NOT purchase more than your allocated tickets.

More importantly, due to Covid restrictions we have a max number of available tickets, and if you errantly purchase more than four (4) tickets, you would cause other families to miss out on the opportunity to purchase their tickets.  

Neer Notables

Pinnacle Soccer stickers have arrived!!

They are $5 each and will be available at home games.

Please have exact change.

Game Day Program, Home Game Stream, and Parent Contact Sheets links are below.

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Shelley Straub

Thithi McWilliams

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Varsity Captains

Courteney Straub, Alaina Kuhn, Emma McWilliams, Kate Faasse