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Welcome to Pinnacle Girls Soccer Boosters

The Booster Club is fundamental to the Pinnacle Girls soccer Program. Together, the Boosters work to deliver a striking soccer experience for players at all levels. The Booster Club supports many programs where the district budget is unable to cover, such as:

  • uniforms and other team apparel

  • tournament entry fees for teams

  • travel expenses for varsity tournaments

  • specialized equipment and training aids

  • snack bar support for all home games

  • end of season banquet

Board Members





Senior Lead:

Varsity Team Coordinator:

JV Team Coordinator:


Snack Shack Coordinator:

Snack Shack Coordinator:

Game Announcer:

Star Harris

Ellen Dahl

Carrie L'Heureux

Renee Kriezenbeck

Kristen Souza

Star Harris

Wendy Coyle

Garth Stenehjem
Kristen Klecka

Jessica Cantu

Chris Klecka

District Participation Fee

This is a mandatory district participation fee that is needed in order to play and it does not support the Pinnacle Girls Soccer Program.

  • $200.00 District Participation Fee

  • Pay online at the Pinnacle WebStore or at the IT office in back of the Pinnacle Media Center.

  • Must be paid or will be ineligible to play.

  • Due: 12/7/2023 (first regular season game)

Booster club fees cover the funds needed for game day lunches that we provide for every game throughout the season and all apparel that they receive.

  • If you decide to be a corporate sponsor, this fee is waived.  (See sponsorship form link on main page)

  • Funds help with things listed above

  • Due: ASAP

  • Make checks out to Pinnacle Girls Soccer and turn into Booster Club.

Fee Summary

$200 for District Participation Fee (must be paid by first game) + $225 to cover apparel, lunches and other season needs

Game-Day Lunch Sign-Up

For each game, 2 team parents (either Varsity or JV) are needed to serve lunch for the Varsity & JV Teams. Lunch and drinks will be catered.  You will just be responsible for checking in at the front office, meeting the caterers, and bringing food to our location (room TBD)

Additional Details:

  • Location: Pinnacle High School (room TBD).

  • Time: 11:36 to 12:12 pm (Wednesday - 11:37 - 12:15)

  • You will need to arrive early (11:00am) to obtain a visitor's badge and allow some time to set up.  Sign in at office to go to (room TBD) and get a cart from counseling's office.  Meet delivery at 11:15am, door by room C121 (NW corner of C building).  Find Security for elevator key (if room TBD is upstairs)  

  • It is your responsibility to cover the lunch you have signed up for. If you are unable to cover the lunch you signed up for, you must find your replacement or switch with another parent.

  • The link for the Game Day Lunch volunteer signup is the Sign Up Genius link on the main page.

Snack Shack Sign-Up

The snack shack is one the key fundraising functions that helps fund many of the team, e.g., banquets, awards, training, equipment, senior day, etc.  For each JV and Varsity game, we need two parents to volunteer to work the Snack Shack.


Additional Details:

  • Location: Pinnacle High School field - Snack Shack.

  • Time: Varsity parents support the JV games (3:45 - 6:00 pm) - JV Parents support the Varsity games (5:45 - 8:00 pm)

  • It is your responsibility to cover the shift you have signed up for. If you are unable to cover the shift you signed up for, you must find your replacement or switch with another parent. There is not another parent to step in for you if you do not show up.

  • If you have any questions please contact: TBD - Snack Shack Coordinator.

  • The link for the Snack Shack volunteer signup is the Sign Up Genius link on the main page.

All parents are asked to participate in making the most of these two activities.  It is asked that the parents of each player volunteer at least one time for either of these activities.  (Some will need to sign up for two.  We have about 40 players and about 50 volunteer spots.)

Team Support

There are many ways to support the Pinnacle Girl’s Soccer team! 

  • Volunteer to help with Booster activities. 

  • Make personal donations. Take advantage of the Arizona Public School Tax Credit Program (ARS 43-1089.01). 

    • This tax law allows taxpayers a tax credit of up to $200  (Single) or $400 (Married couple) if they contribute to character education programs or extracurricular activities in public schools. 

    • This tax credit is available to ALL State of Arizona taxpayers, regardless of whether they have children in school. 

    • It is a tax credit, therefore a dollar for dollar credit subtracted from the amount of Arizona State tax owed (Full refund of your money when filing state taxes).

  • Contact friends and family that live in Arizona but don’t already participate in this program, you can ask them to donate to the Pinnacle High School Girls Soccer Program.

  • You can donate online through the Pinnacle Web Store or you can download the Tax Credit Form and Mail it in.

  • Be sure to specify Pinnacle High School as the school as the designated school and designate the money to go to Other: Girls Soccer Athletic Fund.


Sponsorships are critical to the success of the Pinnacle Girls soccer program. We welcome our corporate neighbors to become a valued and integral partner to our program by becoming one of our 2022-2023 sponsors.  Please see the Sponsorship form link on the main page for more details or reach out to a board member.

Soccer Booster Club Fee

Game Day Lunch/Snack Shack Volunteer Summary

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