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Important Information

AIA Sports Participation Fee:

  • $200.00 AIA Fee

  • Pay online at the Pinnacle WebStore or at the IT office in back of the Pinnacle Media Center.

  • Mandatory fee. Fees go directly to AIA & does not support the Pinnacle Girls Soccer Program.

  • Must be paid or will be ineligible to play.

  • Can be paid on the Pinnacle WebStore

Due by: 

Soccer Booster Club Fee:

  • Booster club fees cover the funds needed for the activities the athletes participate in (tournaments, banquet, etc), training, and apparel.  Athletes can leverage the fundraising opportunities to cover these fees or can choose to pay these fees directly to the Booster club.

    • Total fee (If you sign up a Corporate Sponsor, this fee is covered)

    • Funds go to support the Girls Soccer Program

Due By: 

Make checks out to Pinnacle Girls Soccer and turn into Booster Club.

FEE SUMMARY = $200 for AIA Sports Participation +$

Snack Bar Duties

  • The snack shack is one the key fundraising functions that helps fund many of the team, e.g., banquets, awards, training, equipment, senior day, etc.

  • Parents are responsible to sign up to work the snack bar for 1 home JV or Varsity game. We will try to do this online this year.

  • Parents must work the game they signed up for. If you are unable to work the game you signed up for, you must find your replacement or switch with another parent. There are not other parents available to cover your shift.

  • Each parent will also need to donate an item to the snack bar. This item will need to be purchased and dropped off by the date communicated by the Snack Shack Chair, To be announced


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